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Rust in peace: Citroën DS

I found the Citroën DS pictured below parked outside of a junkyard in rural Utah nearly a decade ago.

As you’d expect, I was surprised to find a DS hiding between dozens and dozens of classic trucks — it must have been the only DS in a 200-mile radius. The folks who ran the junkyard kindly told me the DS was one of the few cars that they were hanging on to because they were hoping to restore it one day. It consequently wasn’t for sale, and they assured me the missing body panels were safely tucked away in a garage. I never found out why the car was parked, or how long it’d been off the road for, but it evidently needed a fair bit of work just to move under its own power again.

I checked on the car every time I drove down to southern Utah and I never saw it move. I took the pictures below in January of 2010, and I haven’t been back to that junkyard since to see what they did with the DS.

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