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Rewind to Milan, Italy, in 1984

We’re traveling back to Milan, Italy, in 1984. The photographer who captured the images below was primarily interested in the city’s public transportation system, but we’re glad that he or she included a few cars. We see a Fiat 128, a dark green Citroën Méhari, a white Renault 17, and a surprising amount of then-new (or at least recent) Opels.

How about you, what car(s) can you identify in these images? What one(s) would you most like to have in your garage today?





Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

5 thoughts on “Rewind to Milan, Italy, in 1984

  1. i will take the beetle, the ford fiesta ( in silver on left side of 3rd photo almost hidden by the tree ), and the 2cv ( in red on left side of 4th photo ).

  2. Panda’s galore in pic’s 1-3 pic 4 has a 1-3-1 and a 1-3-1 Panorama and 3 has a Ritmo and a Regata but although any of these would do in pic 1 there’s a white 900T van poking out from behind the brick wall – so rare here in the UK I’d actually have that !!!!

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