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News: A collection of nearly 60 vintage Renaults will be auctioned off in Denmark next month

A collection of nearly 60 vintage Renaults stashed away for decades on the Danish island of Funen will cross the auction block next month.

Campen Auktioner, the auction house who is organizing the sale, explains the cars belong to a local resident named Anter Krarup. In the late 1960s, Krarup began toying around with the idea of selling his bike and replacing it with a car. He heard good things about the 4CV from a couple he knew so he picked up a used one in 1968, and he liked it so much that he drove it until he replaced it with a Dauphine in 1980. His collection began when he decided to keep the 4CV instead of parting with it.

Over the next few years, Krarup picked up as many used Renaults as he could find in the classifieds and stored them in his barn. At the time, most of the cars he was interested in were about 20-30 years old so they weren’t particularly difficult to find, and they weren’t exceptionally expensive, either. That’s a good thing, because he had to invest in a few more barns as his collection of cars and spare parts grew bigger and bigger.


Krarup told Campen Auktioner that he recently decided to part with his collection because he believes that these cars are meant to driven. Additionally, he realizes that some of the cars he parked as runners now need a good amount of work before they can be put back on the road. He nonetheless hopes his Renaults will go to enthusiasts who will restore them back to their former glory.

The collection includes many rear-engined Renaults such as 4CVs, Dauphines/Ondines, 8s, 10s, and even a Floride. The name “Gordini” appears on a couple of the Dauphines, but Danish collectors looking to score a sought-after 8 Gordini or an 8 S are out of luck. Those who prefer front-engined Renaults can choose from couple of Juvaquatre vans/wagons built during the 1950s, a Fregate, a few 4s, as well as 5s, 20s, and 30s, among others. Finally, the only non-Renault models are a trio of Volkswagen Buses.

There’s a little something for everyone in Krarup’s fleet. Some of the cars are complete, while others are largely dismantled. Some are in excellent condition, and others — including a crushed Renault 10, pictured below — are best saved for parts. Regardless of what shape they’re in, the cars have been stored indoors under a plastic cover for the past few decades.

The auction will take place in Randers, Denmark, on March 20th.

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