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Open mic: What’s your favorite French sports car?

Renault-owned Alpine is arguably the best-known French sports car manufacturer. The company is primarily remembered for iconic models like the A110 and the A310, but it’s been making headlines recently with a pair of close-to-production concepts called Celebration and Vision, respectively, and hint at the first series-produced Alpine of the 21st century.

However, Alpine isn’t the only French car maker that has built light, nimble sports cars. Matra’s Djet was reasonably popular during the 1960s, and the more obscure Jidé was a tiny Renault 8 Gordini-powered coupe inspired by the Ford GT40. Matra’s Bagheera and Murana both featured a funky three-seater layout, while Venturi did its best to take over Alpine as France’s Porsche fighter during during the 1980s and the 1990s. That’s not to mention the Renault 8 Gordini, the various evolutions of the Simca 1000 Rallye, and the scores of hot hatches built over the years by Peugeot, Renault, and Citroën.

We’re turning the mic over to you: what’s your favorite French sports car?

8 thoughts on “Open mic: What’s your favorite French sports car?

  1. I have the Pug 205 gti 1,6 ph1, it was my dream, but ultimate french sport car that I’ll build one day wil be Matra U8, Pug 104 zs2 and citroen visa 1000 pistes and of course Alpine a110 is also on my list

  2. Delahaye 165. Built at a time when French car builders were at their peak. Brillian engineering plus breathtaking designs. A real stunner. Forget Bugatti.

    Post-war with choking French socialist laws basicially outlawing large or sportive vehicles, the French car industry broke down to a mere shadow of what they had been. 75% of all French car brands vanished.

    OK, France IS a car country and of course – after this breakdown – new car makers or tuners popped out of the scorched ground like mushrooms. And the remaining car industry did whatever they were allowed to to get attractive and sporty cars into the population. And of course Alpines are nice, my beloved 205 GTI was a real sports car (until somebody crushed it with his Jeep) and Matras were maybe no beautiful, but very sportive. But all of this is nothing compared to what was there pre-war.

    Not only the Delahayes or Delages. I mean: Just take a 402 Dar’l Mat. Is there anything just close to that from the 60s or beyond?

  3. Brilliant, that should have read. Webmaster, can you correct this?

    Ansd Matras are not beautiful, instead of no beautiful. Keyboard is crap. T seems o die on me. Took me 3 tries to get a 205 GTI instead of a GI.

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