1950s / French / Renault / Rust in peace

Rust in peace: Renault Goelette

The 1950s Renault Goélette you see below is sitting just a few yards away from the 4CV that I featured last week.

The writing on the doors indicates the truck was once owned by a store in Marseilles, France, that sold leather goods. The Goélette is ending its days about half an hour away from Marseilles so it hasn’t traveled very far. It’s also interesting to note that the orange paint isn’t original, which tells us the store likely didn’t purchase the Goélette new. A quick search on Google reveals the place was torn down decades ago and replaced by a high school.

The pictures speak for themselves: there’s not a whole lot left of the Goélette. Every mechanical component is missing, and the cab has been taken off the chassis and stripped entirely.

So a 4CV and the remains of a Goélette — what else could be hiding in these woods? I explored the area for about 15 minutes and unfortunately found no other cars, but I stumbled upon an abandoned house that likely belonged to the same folks who owned the two Renaults. It’s so far off the beaten path that you can’t get there with a car anymore unless you cut down a few trees, and local zoning restrictions implemented about two or three decades ago mean that building a house on this plot of land would be illegal today.

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