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Rust in peace: Renault 4CV

I found the Renault 4CV pictured below buried deep in the woods about fifteen minutes away from my house.

Built between 1953 and 1955, the 4CV has been completely stripped save for the engine block, the transmission, the steering wheel, and a few other small bits and pieces. Both license plates are gone and there are no registration stickers left on it so it’s difficult to say when it was last driven on a public road, but it looks like it’s been sitting out in the woods for decades. Oddly enough, the door pillars on both sides have been cut off. I almost want to say it’s been used as a hideout by hunters but there are no shotgun shells around.

The 4CV is far off the beaten path in a remote area that’s become virtually impossible to access with a car. While exploring the surroundings I found another classic Renault and the remains of the house that the owner of both vehicles likely lived in. Stay tuned, part two is coming next week.

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