Test your classic car IQ

Test your classic car IQ, fifth edition

Welcome to the fifth article in our “test your classic car IQ” series. In a nutshell, we’re combining our steel wheel, headlight, door handle and emblem quizzes into a single series that will also include other components. Expect to see pictures of air dams, shapely quarter panels, unique instrument clusters, and so on.

The point of this quiz isn’t to trick our readers; we’re still getting a feel for what’s too difficult and what’s too easy, so don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below what you think about this week’s quiz. We think it’s a little easier than the last few quizzes but we might be completely wrong.

With that said, can you identify the seven classics pictured below? Note that there are several right answers for some of these. Enjoy, and thanks for playing along.

Also, you’ll find the answers to our last quiz at the bottom of this page.















The answers to our last quiz are:

1. Mercedes-Benz w108
2. Subaru Brat
3. Citroën Dyane
4. GAZ M21 Volga
5. This one was tricky — the wheel and the hubcap come from a U.S.-spec Escort, but they’re mounted on a Mazda RX-7
6. Volvo 66
7. Panhard PL17

9 thoughts on “Test your classic car IQ, fifth edition

  1. 1) Fiat 600 2) Porsche 911 3) Lancia Montecarlo / Scorpion 4) Renault 4CV 5) VW Beetle 6) Toyota Corona 7 Land Rover Defender

  2. 1- fiat 600
    2- Porsche 911
    3- Lancia Beta Monte Carlo
    4- Renault 4CV
    5- Volkswagen Beetle post 70’s
    6- Toyota Corona T40
    7- Suzuki Samourai

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