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Travel: Ran When Parked visits London, England

ranwhenparked-london-double-decker-bus-1We recently took a few days off in London, England. We hadn’t been to the British capital in nearly a decade so we weren’t quite sure what to expect in terms of classic cars, but we were pleasantly surprised to see that there are still quite a few vintage machines roaming the streets.

A lot of the classic cars in London are high-end ones — old Bentleys, old Rolls-Royces, and r107 SLs are in high demand. It also seems like many Londoners see classic cars as an eye-catching way to promote their business. The Hindustan Ambassador pictured below (the first one we’ve ever seen in the metal!) was part of a taxi fleet, and the GAZ Volga is apparently owned by a business that sells real estate to wealthy Russian expats.

Very few of the classics we spotted in London were in rough shape. We’ve been told unrestored classics are difficult to keep on the road in the British capital due to a bevy of rules and regulations aimed at making the city’s air cleaner, though we admittedly haven’t looked into the matter.

Finally, we’re glad to report the Metrocab hasn’t gone extinct yet, though it’s understandably a lot less common than it was ten years ago.

10 thoughts on “Travel: Ran When Parked visits London, England

  1. I was following a metrocab the other day and I just at that moment realised they shared their rear lights with an escort convertible. Really blew my mind lol

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