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Rust in peace: Volvo Amazon

I recently bought a 1972 Volkswagen Super Beetle (1302) on the outskirts of Lyon, France. The seller was friendly so we sat down and talked over a coffee, and I happened to mention my passion for finding abandoned cars, especially if they’re old and/or obscure. Much to my surprise, he told me he knew exactly where to find a car that fits that description right in the middle of town.

We hopped in the Beetle and drove to one of the sketchier areas of Lyon. “Lock the doors here,” warned the seller. After walking for a few yards, we found ourselves standing in front of a Volvo Amazon sitting next to a run-down house. There were other seemingly forgotten cars, including a Fiat Bravo, but the Amazon is the one that’s unquestionably been there the longest.

I couldn’t walk up to the car — I took the pictures you see below either through or over the fence — so I don’t know when it was last registered, but if the moss on the front bumper is any indication its tires haven’t seen a public road for decades. The registration number was issued in 1975, meaning its not original to the car.

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