Floated when moored: The Crosby in Gothenburg, Sweden

I still don’t know what’s the marine version of ran when parked. Sailed when anchored? Floated when moored? The last one sounds like it fits the bill. Regardless, we’re leaving behind the world of cars for a day to take a look at a boat abandoned in the Gothenburg, Sweden, harbor.

I photographed the boat shown below last September. Don’t let the freeway bridge fool you, it’s not in a sketchy, far-removed area of the city. It’s a stone’s throw from downtown, right next to offices, a few hotels, and even a couple of posh restaurants. Most of the windows are broken so I’m guessing it was vandalized before it started sinking, and the net around it seemingly indicates the city (and/or the owner?) is aware of what’s going on. I’m not a boat expert by any means but it doesn’t look like it’s stable — I wouldn’t recommend jumping on it to snap a few pics of the interior.

I asked a few locals about the boat but no one could tell me what its story is. Interestingly, a jogger came up to me while I was taking the photos you see below and excitedly asked if the boat was mine. He’s apparently been trying to get to the bottom of the story for quite some time. I’ll be back in Gothenburg next week for a few days, I’ll swing the boat and see what shape it’s in today if I have time.

3 thoughts on “Floated when moored: The Crosby in Gothenburg, Sweden

  1. a boat in my area was tied up in the legal system for years. it sank before the issues were resloved, leaving a mess, with no one to bill for the cleanup. that boat also was docked downtown were everyone could watch it decay. not sure the boat in your photos is going have a better ending.

  2. Near where I live the ex-Royal Navy minesweeper HMS Kellington was moored at the quayside at Stockton on Tees having been sold to the sea cadets. That was @1999 and in 2009 it had to be scrapped as whilst it was tied up it was just left to rot and sprang a leak. One morning you just drove past and it was still there – just lower in the water and at an angle. Sand end to a vessels life.

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