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A look at the limited-edition Citroën 2CV Spot

citroen-2cv-spot-1976-1Citroën introduced the 2CV Spot on April 10th, 1976, to celebrate a major milestone: it had built five million 2CV and 2CV-based cars since 1948. The Spot marked a milestone of its own because it was the first limited-edition model offered by Citroën and, broadly speaking, one of the first limited-edition French cars.

Penned by a young designer named Serge Gevin, the Spot was finished in a two-tone orange and white paint job that proved remarkably popular among its young target audience. It rode wheels that were painted in the same shade of white as the body and fitted with chromed hubcaps similar to the ones seen on well-equipped Dyane and Ami 8 models, and it gained edition-specific “Spot” stickers on the front doors. The Spot was based on the entry-level 2CV 4, meaning it was equipped with the square headlights that sparked a major controversy among Citroën enthusiasts at the time.

The orange and white theme continued in the cabin, where the door panels were upholstered with two-tone cloth upholstery and the seats were wrapped in orange cloth. The dashboard and the steering wheel were both brown, which created a rather odd contrast with the otherwise bright and lively cockpit.

Citroën made no mechanical changes, meaning the Spot was powered by a ubiquitous 435cc air-cooled flat-twin engine that sent 24 horsepower and 20 lb-ft. of torque to the front wheels via a four-speed manual transmission. Given enough tarmac, it was capable of reaching a top speed of 63 mph.

The 1,800 examples of the 2CV Spot that were built for the French market sold out almost immediately. In 1976, it carried a base price of 13,600 francs, a small 248-franc premium over the standard 2CV 4. No options were offered, but the Spot came standard with the individual front seats that were available at an extra cost on the regular 2CV 4.

Surprised by the positive response the Spot generated from buyers in France, Citroën offered the limited-edition model in other countries across Europe in late 1976. Notably, some markets could purchase the car with a more powerful 602cc flat-twin under the hood. It sold out quickly abroad, too, and its success encouraged Citroën to launch other limited-edition 2CVs including the France 3, the Dolly, and the famed Charleston, to name a few.

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