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Rewind to Paris, France, in 1981

We’re traveling back to Paris, France, in 1981. It’s our way of paying homage to the victims of the appalling and utterly unacceptable terrorist attacks that rocked the French capital on Friday night.

What car(s) can you identify in the images below? What one(s) would you most like to have in your garage today?

We’d take the Peugeot 204 convertible parked in front of the Renault 4 in the last photo.

Paris, France, 1981

Paris, France, 1981

Paris, France, 1981

Paris, France, 1981

Paris, France, 1981

4 thoughts on “Rewind to Paris, France, in 1981

  1. God I find it difficult to even contemplate Paris right now after Friday. Appalled by the events and have nothing but love and best wishes for all Parisians.
    If pushed I’d take the two GS’s and the two R16’s in the top picture.
    Stay strong everybody – Right will prevail.

  2. Paris in the 80’s, my childhood… Thanks for those pictures, they bring back some good memories. And as you do, I think I’d take the 204 convertible.

    @Darren Wilson: many thanks for your words. Greetings from France.

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