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Open mic: What classic car have you never seen in the metal before?

We recently took a three-day long trip to London, England. The British capital is a surprisingly decent city for car-spotting, though it’s worth noting that most of the classics we saw were either in very good condition, expensive, or both.

We were surprised to spot a seemingly unrestored Hindustan Ambassador being used as a taxi cab of sorts right in downtown London. Millions of them were built in India over the course of several decades, but they’re few and far between in Europe and they’re even rarer in the United States. We’d never seen one in the metal up until we photographed the one below earlier this month.

How about you, what classic car have you never spotted before?

5 thoughts on “Open mic: What classic car have you never seen in the metal before?

  1. hey we Brits love our classics. Get down to the South Coast – Worthing, Bournemouth, Devon etc where there’s an elderly population and a decent climate – lots of kit from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s still in use – you see the odd 60’s refugee there too.

    • Really? I’ll try to check it out one day. I’ve admittedly never been out that way — I’ve done London, Manchester.. and I think that’s it as far as big cities go. Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, too.

  2. The Ambassador pictured is a relatively new model – hence the reason for it being unrestored. Travelled in a few of these in India, mainly taxis, but we had the Traveller, or ‘woody’ version as a daily driver for three years when we lived there. There are literally millions of these on the roads over there, built like tanks and, given the way they drive in India, they need to be! Very few Westerners would cope with the traffic in the big cities and even fewer would occupy the front passenger seat (otherwise known as the suicide seat!!)

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