1990s / French / Peugeot / Rust in peace

Rust in peace: Peugeot 306 (part two)

Last week, I featured a wrecked Peugeot 306 that became a small town’s parts car after it was mysterious abandoned in an olive field. When I first found the 306 it was largely complete; it looked like a completely different car when I drove past it on a rainy morning earlier this week.

For starters, the passenger-side front wheel is completely dislodged because the car was towed a few yards away from where it was sitting when I first found it. Both front doors, the hood, and the bulk of the front fascia are missing, though the bumper was left behind because it’s damaged. The passenger-side rear window and the windshield have both been smashed in, and mold has started to grow on the steering wheel.

Surprisingly, the rear bumper and the trailer hitch aren’t gone — at least not yet.

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