1970s / Italian

Rewind to Naples, Italy, in 1976 and 1979

We’re traveling back to Naples, Italy, for a slice of pizza, an espresso and some car-spotting. The first two pictures were taken in 1979, and the last one was shot in 1976.

What car(s) can you identify in these images?  What one(s) would you most like to have in your garage?  We’d take the 500 and the blue 850 in the second shot.




Photos courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

4 thoughts on “Rewind to Naples, Italy, in 1976 and 1979

  1. This just feeds my 70’s and 80’s FIAT fetish !! All of them is the answer but honourable mention and coveting goes to the R6 in the 3rd snap and the rear quarter of what looks like a metallic blue early Golf?

  2. i will take the 911/912 in 2nd photo. i wonder why the yellow bus, in the first photo, has the driver on the right hand side?

  3. I’ll have the metallic green Alfetta on the 3rd picture. (3rd car behind the R6) The bus driver sits on the right hand side enabling him to steer closer to the kerb. Trucks in the 50’e and 60’s in Italy had often RHD too, enabling the driver to drive closer to the abyss when driving across mountain passes. Even some passenger cars had this set up; the Lancia Aurelia GT was often equipped with the steering wheel ‘on the wrong side’

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