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The real story behind the car graveyard in Chatillon, Belgium

Like many of you have already figured out, I am an auto journalist by trade and Ran When Parked is a hobby of mine, a non-profit side project that I allocate my spare time to. Although my job almost exclusively deals with new cars, I recently wrote an article that I think will pique the interest of RWP readers.

Earlier this year, I was asked to spend a week in Belgium walking through forests, interviewing strangers and eating fries in order to piece together the real story behind the massive car graveyard in Chatillon. This article finally puts an end to the rumors that claim the cars were abandoned by American soldiers during WWII and what not.

You can read the whole story on Digital Trends

Take a look, I think you’ll enjoy it.

6 thoughts on “The real story behind the car graveyard in Chatillon, Belgium

  1. As a car buff and keen photographer/designer I was always fascinated by this place – but never got to visit..
    Great article – always wondered what the real truth was – Thanks

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