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Rust in peace: Saab 900 GL

The Saab 900 GL pictured below is sitting just a couple of hundred yards away from the Chevrolet Beauville 20 that I showcased last week. Both are located in a small town that’s just a stone’s throw from the border between Sweden and Norway.

The GL looks like your average early-to-mid-1980s 900 when viewed from the back. However, a walk around it reveals that it has been fitted with a pair of headlights that come from a later slant-nose car. They fit, but it’s a rather bizarre look. The town the 900 is in is fairly remote so I imagine the owner couldn’t find a period-correct flat-front headlight to replace a broken one and chose to swap out both units so they’d at least match.

The registration sticker on the rear license plate suggests the 900 has been off the road since 2010. It looks remarkably clean — I’ve owned 900s in worse shape — so why it’s sitting on the side of a house instead of meandering across Sweden is anyone’s guess. The remoteness of the town might have something to do with it, I can’t imagine it’s easy to sell a car up there.

It’s also worth noting that a few enthusiasts I talked to said naturally-aspirated classic 900s are still worth very little in Sweden; if this one has mechanical issues the owner is going to have a difficult time finding a buyer who’s willing to trek all the way out there and tow it back.

One thought on “Rust in peace: Saab 900 GL

  1. These things can be like battleships and last for ages. I read a couple of weeks ago about a sale at Barons the auctioneers that an 86 2 door auto in metallic blue – one family owned car – low miles – pristine condition made a mere £1200 – a proper steal. At the same auction there was a world record bid on an E-type or some such so probably most bidders had gone home or retired to the bar leaving somebody with an absolute steal

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