1980s / Rust in peace / Swedish / Volvo

Rust in peace: Volvo F 408

I photographed the Volvo F 408 pictured below off of a main road just a stone’s throw from the Arctic Circle in Sweden. The wind deflector on top of the cab reads “djurtransport” which, if my Swedish is correct, means it was once used to transport animals.

What’s interesting about this truck is that it looks like it’s ready to hit the road again. The key is still in the ignition, there’s a cassette popping out of the tape deck, and there are ropes, chains, tools and other miscellaneous accessories in the storage compartment. It almost looks like someone parked it there with the intention of coming right back but never did.

All’s not lost, though. The passenger-side door has been left open and, judging by the cloth upholstery on the seats, the cab has been claimed by a furry animal.

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