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Rust in peace: Saab 900

We photographed the Saab 900 pictured below on a trip to Sweden earlier this month. We’ve found run-down, abandoned and junkyed 900s in the United States and all over Europe before, but this one was located just a stone’s throw from Trollhättan, the town it was most likely built in.

The grille is a dead giveaway that we’re looking at a 900 built in the early 1980s. There are no registration stickers so we can’t tell exactly when it was last on the road but the moss on the hood, on the grille and in the floor wells hints that it was recently pulled out from somewhere damp (under a tree, for example) and dragged to where it’s sitting today. It’s had a rough life, it’s been hit on the passenger side, it’s surprisingly rusty and, of course, the roof has been cut off. It also looks like quite a few rear suspension components are gone.

What’s odd is that the driver-side floor is cut right in front of the seat, you can see it in a few of the pictures below. The cut is too clean and straight to be from an accident, it’s likely from a power tool like an angle grinder. It almost looks like someone hacked up this 900 to turn it into something else (a trailer?), gave up and let it sit as-is.

The 900 wasn’t alone — you’ll notice in some of the pics that there’s a 99 sitting next to it, and there were a few other decrepit Swedes just above it. Tune in next week for more.

3 thoughts on “Rust in peace: Saab 900

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  2. My first car was a 5 door that was otherwise identical to this. Lots of fond memories and a few frustrations also. Wish I still had it.

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