Steel wheels

Test your steel wheel IQ, 26th edition

Our “test your steel wheel IQ” series aims to share our passion for steel wheels and see how good our readers are at recognizing them.

Can you identify the make and model that the following wheels come from? Note that there are several right answers for some of these wheels.











14 thoughts on “Test your steel wheel IQ, 26th edition

  1. I’m not an steel wheel expert but:
    – 1st : I think about a Peugeot 404 pick-up (looks like my father’s used in Cévennes countryside 😉
    – 2nd : the body of the second pic is probably a Saab 96
    – 3rd & 4th : absolutely no idea
    – 5th: Maybe a Ford Escort Mk3?

    • 1. Not a 404 pickup, but you’re on the right track. It’s from a French car.
      2. Correct!
      3. The bumper should be a big hint.
      4. Japanese – admittedly the hardest of the bunch.
      5. Not an Escort. Think German.

    • 1. Nope, but you’re on the right track, it’s French.
      2. Correct.
      3. Correct, though early Ka models were fitted with those wheels, too.
      4. Nope, but it’s JApanese.
      5. Correct.

    • 1. Correct.
      2. 96, but we’ll take 93. Both work.
      3. Correct.
      4. Correct (also mounted on 810s, among other models).
      5. Were those mounted on the third-gen Escorts? The picture is a Ka, and I know those wheels were mounted on third-gen Fiesta, but I’ve never seen them on an Escort. Could be, though.

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