2010s / 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show / British / Land Rover

Live from the Frankfurt Motor Show: A farewell to the Land Rover Defender

Land Rover is displaying this awesome-looking (and heavily-modified) Defender pickup at the Frankfurt Motor Show. I’ve been told it was built for a movie — maybe it was, I’m not a movie guy so I’m not the right person to ask. Instead, I’m looking at this truck from a completely different angle.

Land Rover will deep-six the Defender in December, though rumors claim that production has been extended until April because demand has been unexpectedly high over the past year or so. Regardless, the end of the the off-road’s production run is near. Consequently, Land Rover isn’t displaying a new, regular-production Defender next to other members of its lineup at the Frankfurt show for the first time ever.

Movie or not, this is most likely the last time you’ll see a Defender on the Land Rover stand at a car show.

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