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Rewind to Toronto, Canada, in the 1980s

We’re traveling across the pond and going back to Toronto, Canada. The pictures below were taken during the 1980s, though it’s hard to say exactly when. To help narrow it down, the first-gen Acura Legend Coupe in the third picture was introduced in 1987.

What car(s) can you identify in the following pictures? What one(s) would you most like to have in your garage?

We’d pick the red Volvo Amazon and the w126.. though the Alfa Spider waiting at the light in the second picture is tempting, too.

Series 1465 - Urban Design photographs

D street views . - April 27, 1971-September 6, 1984


Confederation Life Building. - August 13, 1971-April 7, 1982

Photos provided by the Toronto’s archives department.

7 thoughts on “Rewind to Toronto, Canada, in the 1980s

    • At first glance I was thinking R17 too, but it’s a Mitsubishi probably badged as a Plymouth or Dodge as they did in North America those days

  1. I would go for the brownish car between the F250 and the Caprice on the bottom picture. It’s a 73 or 74 Chevy Nova/Pontiac Ventura. A compact GM product that I was driving for a while in Alberta in 1979 (equipped with the 350 CID 4 bbl. V8) Funny that the car in the picture has a competitor’s registration: AMC -071

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