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News: Citroën will preview the upcoming 21st century Méhari in Frankfurt

citroen-mehari-whiteLast June, Citroën surprised us when it revealed that it was seriously looking into bringing back the Méhari before the decade draws to a close.

The Paris-based automaker has just announced that it will give us a preview its next beach car with a concept that will be presented next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show, indicating that the intriguing revival could happen much sooner than expected.

Intentionally vague, the company’s press release simply states that concept will take the form of a “fresh and invigorating version of the C4 Cactus that revisits the spirit of the legendary Méhari.” This seemingly indicates the yet-unnamed show car won’t feature a full-on retro-styled design because, if it did, it likely wouldn’t be billed as an off-shoot of the Cactus.

It also means that, if given the green light for production, the concept could be brought to the market in a relatively quick and efficient manner because it would be built using off-the-shelf components.

Stay tuned, we’ll find out more about Citroën’s next concept in the weeks leading up to the Frankfurt Motor Show. The press days are September 15th and 16th, and we’ll be on location to bring you full details as well as live images.

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