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Open mic: What classic car would you take on a trip around the world?

Imagine that you’re embarking on a trip around the world next week. You pack up the supplies you think you’ll need, leave the town you live in and don’t come back until you’ve literally driven around the world. What classic car would you buy for the trip?

I’d be tempted by an older Defender 110, but, ultimately, I think I’d go with a Mercedes-Benz 300GD. There’s nothing wrong with the Defender and I’m not saying the GD is necessarily better, it’s just that I know the OM617 five-cylinder inside and out so I’d feel a lot more comfortable behind the wheel of a Mercedes.

Off-roaders aren’t the only option, there’s also a case to be made for the Volvo 245. Small but sturdy economy cars are another alternative, especially since the aforementioned GD would likely be a more expensive to ship across an ocean than, say, a Renault 4.

Let’s hear from you: What would your car of choice be?

14 thoughts on “Open mic: What classic car would you take on a trip around the world?

  1. A Citroen C15 van – simple and efficient. Fix it at the roadside with a knife and fork – very little to go wrong anyway – legendary diesel engine for reliability – load capacity and you can even sleep in the back at a pinch. Not fast but very frugal and will get you there AND back

    • Hell yes! I was hoping someone would bring up the C15. In the UK you guys even got a C15-based camper that was pretty cool, I remember seeing a few of them in Scotland a couple of years ago.

      • Yes Romahome ( google it ) did a high top and a High / Low ( aka Hylo ) model – excellent packaging – beloved of elderly carvanners so there are tons out there from early / mid 90’s with sub 100k mileages – these are just run in and ready to rock. I was thinking van but if you were to go mad and spend four to four and a half thousand pounds here in the UK you could tour in proper style with a proper bed and cooker and still the legendary reliability and simplicity.

  2. Mercedes Benz W123 Diesel due to it’s reliability. My transgender friend who owns one and lets me drive it, says that when it comes to her, only desire to be a woman lasts longer than the old diesel Mercedes.

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