1970s / 1980s / Fiat / Italian / Rust in peace

Rust in peace: Fiat X1/9

We photographed this Fiat X1/9 outside of a seemingly disaffected repair shop in a rural part of France a couple of weeks ago. The Fiat wasn’t by itself, there was also a Citroën C3 Puriel, two XMs, an Opel Zafira and a Nissan Patrol, among others, but it stood out as the oldest car there.

The X1/9 is missing quite a few trim pieces including both tail lamps, the vents on the B-pillar and the air intake in front of the driver’s side rear wheel arch so we’re guessing it was used for parts. It looks like it’s in relatively decent shape at first glance but a closer look reveals that it’s actually fairly rusty. We’ve seen worse, of course, but time has not been kind to this one and sitting on two wheels for a prolonged period of time hasn’t helped its cause one bit.

Still, we’re frankly a little surprised that no one has saved this X1/9 yet. It’s certainly not the most sought-after Italian convertible ever built, but in France the X1/9 has gotten rather rare and model-specific parts are difficult to come by.

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