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25 years ago: Citroën builds the last 2CV

the-last-citroen-2cv-1990-6Officially, the last Citroën 2CV rolled off the assembly line in Mangualde, Portugal, exactly 25 years ago today. Stamped with chassis number AZKA0008KA4813, the milestone car was a 2CV 6 Charleston painted in a two-tone combination of dark and light gray.

The 2CV was completed at exactly 4:30 pm local time. A special ceremony in honor of the car was held at the factory, and the 2CV was accompanied off the assembly line by a marching band. Delivering it to its lucky new owner was a quick and simple task because it was purchased by Claude Hebert, the manager of the Mangualde plant.

Hebert kept the 2CV in storage until he retired and moved back to France in 1997. He had two men start it up, give it a full tune-up and drive it from Portugal all the way to his new home in Paris, where it was again put in storage and used very rarely. When he died, his son-in-law inherited the car and used it as a daily driver.

“I used it go buy groceries with and I even took it to the landfill a couple of times. I ran into a 2CV collector one day and he started asking a few questions about my car. When I told him it was the last Charleston built he almost passed out!,” remembers Patrick Bourdeau, Herbert’s son-in-law.

The encounter convinced Bourdeau to no longer drives his special 2CV on a daily basis, and he now keeps it indoors and under a cover. It’s not a garage queen by any means, however, and it regularly participates in 2CV club-related activities like drives and shows.

Was it really the last 2CV?
Some sources – including Citroënet, which we consider one of the most reliable Citroën resources on the web – claim that five additional 2CV Special models were built the following week. One of them was supposed to be displayed at the 1990 edition of the Paris Motor Show, while another featured a production number that corresponded to the 1991 model year. Whether these cars were actually built and where they are today is anybody’s guess.

Thanks to Citroën for pointing out we were missing a few numbers from the chassis number.

7 thoughts on “25 years ago: Citroën builds the last 2CV

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  4. Hello

    The VIN 08KA4813 refers to a 2 CV 6 built in 1971, so it is not connected with the last 2 CV built in 1990.

    in 1990 the VIN of the 2 CV 6 was like this one : VF7AZKA00KA350xxx

    The last 2 CV made in France (Levallois Plant) in 1988 is red, it is exposed at the Conservatoire Citroën (Citroën Heritage Center).

    If you want to visit this place, please contact us : conservatoire@citroen.com

    Sincerely yours
    Guillaume Keller

      • Hello

        That is a pleasure to read and comment on your blog !

        Yes TW6 means that this car was built for the portuguese market. I can call Mr Bourdeau to check if it is right. He came to visit the Conservatoire in february with a group of friends.

        In october 2012 I was maybe your guide during your visit, do you remember ? Or it can be me boss Denis Huille, or my colleague Jean-Claude Lannes (now retired after 43 years of work !).

        Thank you so much for this blog, I wish you a good summer, full of “classics” and people because until now these cars can not drive by themselves !

  5. Hey be careful in posting information on 2CV vin numbers – we certainly don’t want California DMV to know . . . that would stop so many people from registering their post 1975 cars there as 1966 or 1967 etc – ha ha!

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