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News: Morgan celebrates 65 years of the Plus 4 with a limited-edition Cosworth-powered model

arp19How many new cars celebrate their 65th birthday while they’re still in production? The Beetle barely did, the Bus came damn close and the 2CV was seemingly around forever but it was only built for 42 years. The Morgan Plus 4 is turning 65 this year, and the Malvern-based company is celebrating the highly-unusual milestone by introducing a limited-edition version of the convertible dubbed AR P4.

The most important difference between the AR P4 and the Plus 4 is found by looking under the roadster’s long hood. Power comes from a Cosworth-tuned 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that sends 225 horsepower to the rear wheels via a manual transmission. That’s not a lot on paper, but it should be plenty considering the stock Plus 4 packs 154 ponies and it manages to sprint from zero to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 7.5 seconds.

Not satisfied with merely adding more power, Morgan has joined forces with renowned tuner AR Motorsport to install bigger brakes all around, a redesigned suspension setup that includes adjustable shock absorbers and a new rear axle with a more sport-focused ratio.

Outside, the AR P4 eschews the regular Plus 4’s wire wheels and instead adopts black alloys wrapped by high-performance tires. It also gains full LED lights all around, a modifications that gives it a slightly bug-eyed look but that Morgan promises makes a huge difference in terms of visibility.

The interior has been spruced up a little thanks to a revised dashboard and additional sound-deadening material under the hood and throughout the body. All told, the AR P4 is considerably more comfortable and more user-friendly to drive on a daily basis than a regular Plus 4.

Only 50 examples of the Morgan AR P4 will be built, and a handful of them have already been reserved in the past few weeks. In the UK, the AR P4 carries a base price of £54,995, a sum that converts to approximately $85,300 / €77,800.

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