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Open mic: what classic car should every enthusiast drive at least once?

Consider it a bucket list of sorts: What classic car should every enthusiast drive at least once in his or her life?

Several answers immediately come to mind: one is a classic economy car – a Beetle, a 2CV, a 500, a Trabant, anything as long as it’s under-powered and fitted with a bare-bones, stripped-out interior. Driving an old economy car provides valuable insight into sheer automotive simplicity because many of them were essentially designed as four-wheeled scooters designed to motorize the masses.

On the other hand, we think every enthusiast needs to drive a V12-powered car. It doesn’t really matter what, though a Miura is probably going to be more enjoyable than, say, a Jaguar XJ-S. The noise of the 12-cylinder and the effortless-yet-brutal acceleration it provides are best experienced with your foot mashing the skinny pedal, not on Youtube or in the passenger seat.

8 thoughts on “Open mic: what classic car should every enthusiast drive at least once?

  1. Personally being hesitant about a V12, I agree with the idea of driving an economy car, or a light commercial vehicle such as R4 fourgonnette.. Maybe I’d say a MKI Golf GTi as a fast classic or a MX-5 if it’s meant to be an youngtimer.

  2. I could well see myself behind the wheel of a Miura, – perhaps the prettiest car ever made, – but I’ll probably never get the chance. Driving an XJ-S V12 is of course far from being the same, but still a memorable experience. My number 1 car to drive before I die is an early ’80s Porsche 911 Turbo.

  3. Hmmm – classic? A Renault 8 I fancy….. supercar? Veyron. I just think that car is an engineering tour de force which I would like, for once, to experience.

  4. I would really like to drive a Citroen 2CV6 or a Renault 4 so I can appreciate a car in its basest, simplest and most vulnerable form without the myriad safety devices, power assist devices or electronic gadgets found in modern cars.

    • The 2CV is definitely one of the most basic cars out there, especially the early models. The 4 was basic, too, but it evolved a little bit more (notably as far as engines go) than the 2CV.

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  6. Coming from America, I’d lose my S if I had the opportunity to drive a ’71 Hemi Cuda 4 speed. Then again, the ’69 Camaro I had built for my brother-in-law with a 500 hp 454ci monster engine was a definite thrill rowing through the gears.

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