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Official: Citroën will axe its hydraulic suspension system by 2020

citroen-gs-hydraulics-1Confirming a recent rumor, Citroën CEO Linda Jackson has announced the automaker has decided to axe its hydraulic suspension system before the end of the decade. This marks the end of an innovative technology that has helped set Citroën apart from its rivals for over half a century.

“Hydraulic suspension will cease because it is an old technology,” explained Jackson in an interview with industry trade journal Automotive News (subscription required). Other sources have hinted the technology is also being phased out in a bid to cut costs.

With the C6 long gone, the only Citroën currently offered with a hydraulic suspension is the C5 but the take-up rate has been low at best and it is steadily declining. Last year, only about 10,000 C5s were ordered with the optional hydraulic suspension, while the rest all featured conventional steel springs.

Designing an evolution of the C5’s hydraulic suspension (which is called Hydractive III+ in Citroën-speak) is overly costly, especially because the setup can’t be easily adapted to other models. Peugeot buyers are after a more responsive ride that doesn’t require hydraulics, while installing a hydraulic suspension in anything smaller than a C5 would make the car prohibitively expensive. Finally, developing a hydraulic system specifically for PSA’s newly-emancipated DS brand has been ruled out for cost reasons.

“[PSA boss] Carlos Tavares has made it clear that there are now other systems that can do just as well. Hydropneumatics cost a lot for not much benefit,” said an inside source in an earlier interview with Automotive News.

Jackson stressed that Citroën will continue to build comfort-focused cars, but the next C5 is expected to use a conventional steel suspension system with electronically-adjustable dampers, a setup similar to what is already available in a long list of German, American and even Italian cars today. Drivers will likely be able to choose from a handful of suspension settings including “comfort,” “sport,” “normal” and “individual” by simply flicking a switch on the center console or finding a menu in the car’s infotainment system.

5 thoughts on “Official: Citroën will axe its hydraulic suspension system by 2020

  1. I think anybody who has owned or driven one of these- I had a GS a GSA and BX – could only marvel at the sublime ride quality this suspension brought. Just like Mazda’s rotary engines these companies ploughed lone furrows struggling with rising costs that ultimately mean that both innovations will reach dead ends.

    A real pity in both cases as had there been broader adoption and subsequent greater investment both could have been a different way forward – sad.

    At least Citroen are owned by a company – Peugeot – that are renowned for their ability to produce cars with quality conventional suspension.

    And a final note lets not forget BMC/BLMC/Austin Rover ( whatever they bloody well called themselves at any time ! ) had a fluid or gas alternative based suspension that also passed away unnoticed some years ago.

      • Bij de austin 1100 waren de balgen links voor en achter verbonden doormiddel van een leiding,alsook rechts idem.deze balgen waren gevuld let een soort gas,maar hier kwam geen pomp aan te pas.bij Citroen is dit olie en is alles verbonden,alsook het stuur,de remmen en de koppeling bij de halfautomaat van de ds en werd deze druk geleverd ddo een pomp

  2. Best if you Google Hydrolastic and Hydragas ( sometimes unkindly termed Hydrasag due to its propensity to spring leaks ) for the technical details. Simply the Hydrolastic was the fluid version that had fluid filled dampers interconnected along each side of the car – lead to quite a bouncy ride in Mini’s and 1100’s – it was not as sophisticated as the Citroen system ad didn’t run brakes or power steering at the same time. Hyrdagas was a later gas filled development – I think both were the brainchild of Alex Moulton.

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