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Rust in peace: Peugeot 205

ranwhenparked-peugeot-205-ford-fiesta-2Generally speaking, when I find an abandoned car I can tell right off the bat how it got there. The Renault 10 I featured two weeks ago was most likely stolen, stripped and hidden decades ago, while the Citroën HY that came before that was undoubtedly parked after being driven into the ground.

Like last week’s Ford Fiesta, the early-1990s Peugeot 205 pictured below is a little bit of an enigma. At first glance it looks like a stolen car but it’s out in the open and it’s parked on a popular motocross track. If it was stolen, someone would have likely reported it and the authorities would have towed it away almost immediately. If it was abandoned, again, someone would have reported it and had it scrapped. I’ve seen abandoned cars used as jumps by motocross riders but these two are way too far off the beaten path for that.

The 205 has fared a lot worse than the Fiesta. It looks like the front passenger’s side was wrecked a few years ago, and nearly every body panel has been smashed in with rocks. The interior has been partially stripped, the 1.9-liter diesel’s valve cover and timing belt pulley have both been removed and all of the glass has been broken.

The 205 is painted in a lighter shade of blue that was never offered to the public and it’s a two-seater model which indicates it was sold new to EDF/GDF, a French energy company. Both doors come from a 205 Junior, and it’s not too far-fetched to assume they were fitted by the person who bought it from EDF in order to get rid of the logos. They’re usually removed before a car is sold to the public, but they inevitably leave a mark.

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