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News: Alfa Romeo GT/GTV (105-series) gets resto-modded by Alfaholics

alfaholics-alfa-romeo-gta-r-290-1England-based Alfa Romeo expert Alfaholics has introduced a resto-modded 105-Series GT/GTV designed to be used as a comfortable daily driver during the week and a track car on the weekends.

It takes a well-trained eye to tell the GTA-R apart from a regular GTA replica. However, a closer look reveals the hood, the doors and the trunk lid are all crafted out of carbon fiber, a manufacturing technique that brings the coupe’s weight down to 1,829 pounds (roughly 830 kilos) in spite of the added equipment. Buyers looking for an even lighter car can order an aluminum body at an extra cost.

The GTA-R 290 was designed to be driven on a daily basis so it comes with niceties such as leather-upholstered Recaro bucket seats for the front passengers, wool carpets, Alcantara and leather upholstery on the dashboard, an extra layer of sound insulation, speed-sensitive power steering and a heated windshield. A 12-point roll cage comes standard, and A/C is available as an option.

Power comes from a tweaked 2.3-liter Twin Spark engine sourced from the Alfa parts bin that makes 240 horsepower at 7,000 rpm. The four-cylinder spins the rear wheels via a close-ratio five-speed manual transmission, a limited-slip differential and rifle-drilled half shafts.

Performance specifications have not been published yet, but the company tells us it has fitted bigger brakes all around in order to keep the extra power in check. Similarly, the suspension system has been upgraded with a long list of components including double-adjustable shock absorbers and lightweight springs that can be adjusted to lower or raise the ride height as needed.

Alfaholics has not revealed what it costs to turn a 105-Series coupe into a GTA-R 290. Considering how much a stock 105 in good condition is worth today, we’re betting it ain’t cheap.

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