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Rewind to France in the mid-1960s

We’re traveling back to France in the middle of the 1960s. It’s a little hard to tell precisely where this picture was taken but since it’s a Berliet press shot, we’d guess it was taken not far from the company’s factory on the outskirts of Lyon. It’s not too far-fetched to guess this is the factory’s parking lot.

At any rate, what car(s) can you identify in this picture? What one(s) would you most like to have in your garage?

We’d pick one of the early Renault 4s, but we’d be happy with a Dauphine or a 403.


7 thoughts on “Rewind to France in the mid-1960s

  1. well if the R 4’s 8’s &10’s are all spoken for I will take the plethora of Ami’s to be my friends thanks ( do you see what I did there? )

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