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Rust in peace: Citroën 2CV

ranwhenparked-citroen-2cv-6-26-2The Citroën 2CV is steadily going up in value so it’s becoming less and less common to find one that has been parked in someone’s yard for decades or abandoned entirely. The few that are left have generally been pushed off a cliff or stolen and cut up decades ago, but anything that’s even moderately salvageable is either fixed up or parted out.

The late-1970s 2CV pictured below is one of the few still sitting around. It’s apparently either a parts car or a project that someone gave up on, though we’re leaning towards the first option because it was parked not far from what looks like a small repair shop. There are no registration or insurance stickers on the windshield so we can’t tell you when it was last on the road.

We couldn’t get a look at the chassis but the body is in relatively decent shape, so we imagine it will be pulled out of the weeds and fixed up sooner or later. That’s the beauty of the 2CV: Every component – save for the body and, of course, the title – can be purchased new from a growing list of aftermarket vendors.

3 thoughts on “Rust in peace: Citroën 2CV

  1. what are the other cars in the photos? do they have laws in that area forcing the clean up of junk/parts yards?

    • Hey, there’s a Peugeot 205 on the left and a Renault Safrane barely visible on the left of it. The truck is a Saviem SG2, which is one of my all-time favorite commercial vehicles. More pics of them (save for the Safrane) here: https://ranwhenparked.net/barn-field-and-junkyard-finds/

      These cars are on private property so technically they’re allowed to be there, especially since they’re owned by a repair shop.

      From what I gather, if they were on, say, a parking lot or in front of a guy’s house on a public road the city could definitely have them removed, and if this was simply a random guy’s back yard and the neighbors complained there’s a good chance the city would ask him to scrap them.

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