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Car lot find: Mercedes-Benz 220D (w123) taxi

ranwhenparked-mercedes-benz-220d-w123-taxi-11We photographed the Mercedes-Benz 220D (w123) taxi at a used car dealership not far from the border between Germany and Austria. The dealership seemed to specialize in second-hand Mercedes taxis but it also sold a few non-Mercedes taxis and a couple of non-taxi Mercedes – still with us?

The 220D is in superb shape inside and out. We don’t know what the story behind it is but it has undoubtedly spent a significant amount of time off the road because the odometer only reads a little over 91,000 kilometers (roughly 56,000 miles). The beige paint – which makes it instantly recognizable as a German taxi – is like new and the only spec of rust we found is a tiny surface spot right below the front bumper. Similarly, the interior is flawless with no visible wear on the seats and no cracks in the dash.

It’s really interesting to see the taxi-specific equipment installed in the cockpit. The storage bin in the driver-side door panel has a lid, the bin in the passenger-side door panel has been replaced by an ashtray even though there is a sign on the glovebox door that reads “bitte nicht rauchen” (“please don’t smoke” in German), there are a couple of extra switches (including one labeled “taxi”) below the instrument cluster and the hazard light switch is mounted next to climate control buttons, not on the center console. Finally, the w123’s round air vents have been replaced by square units to make space for a meter.

9 thoughts on “Car lot find: Mercedes-Benz 220D (w123) taxi

  1. Gosh that thing is in wonderful condition! Nice find.
    I did not know beige was German for taxi. Those modern Mercedes (C class?) and Passat wagon look pretty funny to these American eyes where beige hasn’t been a popular auto color for many moons.

    • Every single taxi in Germany is painted in that shade of beige, even today.

      A lot of German taxis get sold off to neighboring European countries. It’s always funny to go to, say, Italy, and see an ex-taxi still painted beige being used as a daily driver.

  2. it does look to be in grest shape. what was the asking price? if car stays in germany can it stay beige or does it have to be repainted another color?

  3. Second owner… Never been on taxi… Just put brand new engine. From the box.
    Will be for sale soon…always in Florida
    Wait for pictures…

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