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Open mic: What classic car should have been turned into a station wagon?

We’ve been thinking about station wagons a lot lately because we picked up a rough 1994 Volkswagen Passat Variant (pictured below) a few days ago. Although crossovers are slowly becoming the de-facto family vehicle, up until not too long ago folks who wanted to comfortably take their family on a long trip bought a station wagon. Consequently, during the 1970s and 1980s most automakers offered at least one station wagon, but some companies missed the boat entirely.

What classic car(s) do you think should have been turned into a wagon? We’re talking regular four-door wagons, not two-door shooting brakes. One that immediately comes to mind is the original BMW 5 Series – it would have likely been the best-handling wagon on the market by a long shot. The Saab 900 would have made a great wagon, too.

15 thoughts on “Open mic: What classic car should have been turned into a station wagon?

  1. The Talbot Solara comes to mind. They were pretty common in Spain. Did Talbot ever make any station wagons? I think it would have been a good competitor to the Peugeot 305 familale, Renault 18 break and Citroen GSA break back in the day.

    • A Solara wagon would have been interesting, that’s a good one.

      Talbot didn’t make a true station wagon, I think the closest they got is the Rancho. Simca made quite a few, though.

      • There was a Talbot badged wagon – the Chrysler Avenger was renamed – in Europe – to Talbot in 1979, and there was a wagon Avenger produced until 1981.
        Needless to say, an Alpine/Solara wagon would have made a great replacement for the Hunter and Simca 1500 wagons.

      • Simca 1500 – thanks for bringing that up, I kind of forgot they existed. I haven’t seen a 1500 (or a 1300, for that matter) for ages.

  2. According to Wiki they did – produced as a Hillman – then a Chrysler then Talbot ending in 2001 – not really something Talbot can claim though is it?

  3. GB manufacturers made loads of wagons – Mini Clubman estate – Austin 1100/1300 range Countryman – Allegro Estate – Morris Oxford/Austin Cambridge range estate – Austin Montego Estate – Rover 200 series Touring – need I go on?

    • I’m not sure what my plans for it are. I got it to start and idle, I need to clear out all the stuff around it and take it for a quick spin before I dive into it any further. It could make a decent daily driver, though I already have the 300D for that.

      It’s been parked for four or five years. It needs an accessory belt, a windshield, tires and a good tune-up before it can be driven regularly.

  4. A few that come to mind from the 1970s-1980s that should have had wagon versions – – – Vauxhall Cavalier Mk1 (it was proposed and reached clay model stage, though never made)
    – Rover SD1 and 800 series.
    – Leyland Princess (there were drawings, and a one-off built)
    – Triumph Dolomite
    – Volkswagen Golf Mk1 and Mk2, an oversight not rectified until the 1990s with the Mk3.
    – Audi 100 (1st generation – it had a 5-door hatchback, though certainly not a wagon)

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