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In the metal: 2013 Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition

Strict new rules and regulations that came into effect across Brazil on January 1st, 2014, forced Volkswagen to finally stop building the iconic Kombi. To commemorate the van’s impressive 56-year long production run, Volkswagen launched a limited-edition model called Last Edition that sold out faster than you can book a flight to Rio.

Just 1,200 examples of the Last Edition were built, and the van was officially only sold on the Brazilian market. Each unit stood out thanks to a retro-styled two-tone paint job, model-specific stickers on the hatch and on the quarter panels as well as white and blue vinyl upholstery on the inside. The Last Edition retailed for 85,000 Brazilian Reais, a hefty sum that represented nearly twice the price of a regular Kombi.

We spotted one of the very few Kombi Last Editions in Europe while returning an Amarok press loaner at the Volkswagen Contact Center in the outskirts of Brussels, Belgium, two weeks ago. The van was locked and no one seemed to be able to open it up for us, but we snapped a handful of photos to give readers a better idea of what it looks like in the metal.

5 thoughts on “In the metal: 2013 Volkswagen Kombi Last Edition

  1. would/could it be legal to drive on the road in Europe? i know it is not legal in the USA. but i would love to have one.

    • No, it’s not street-legal in Europe. However, nothing prevents you from titling it as, say, a 1973.. same story with the Mexican Beetles, plenty of those running around with a 1965 VIN, ha.

      • the USA goverment is starting to go after vehicles that have been back dated. there is a 2000 mex beetle in my area that has a 1972 title. the people still drive it but no longer enter the car in shows. they had been trying to get prizes for it as a 1972 which did not go over very well.

  2. Pitty it’s out of production now. Iconic and highly utilitarian in nature, I always fancied the idea of someone bringing them over to Europe. At least for the fun in it. However, the wasserboxer radiator grille does not do it any justice. Reminds me of the horrific modifications old Bulli T2s went through here, in ’90’s Romania. Usually carried an MB star, too.

    • There was a company in the UK that sold late-model Buses, I can’t remember what they’re called. They were street-legal, apparently.

      The grille – yikes, yeah, it’s not great. That said, I’d drive it.

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