1970s / 2015 Shanghai Motor Show / French / Peugeot

Live from the Shanghai Motor Show: Peugeot 504 V6 Coupe

We really liked the Hongqi L5 and we were impressed by Peugeot’s 500-horsepower 308 R HYbrid concept, but our favorite car at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show was the Peugeot 504 V6 Coupe pictured below. Peugeot has never really been one to flaunt its illustrious motorsport heritage, but we’ve noticed the company has been a lot more vocal about it since life-long racing enthusiast Carlos Tavares became CEO.

The 504 Coupe wasn’t designed for rallying but it did well because it offered a rare blend of performance and reliability.  With only minor modifications, the Coupe won dozens of races including the Bandama Rally in 1976 and 1978 and the 1978 Safari Rally.  Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that the 504 Coupe was one of only two cars left in the 1972 Bandama Rally, the race that no one managed to finish.

The 504 that Peugeot displayed in Shanghai is the exact same car that Jean-Pierre Nicolas drove to victory in the 1978 Safari Rally. The car is part of the Peugeot museum in Sochaux, France, we already brought you pictures of it about a year ago, and it was shipped to Shanghai for the show.

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