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Live from the Shanghai Motor Show: Citroën DS 23

Peugeot-Citroën’s newly-independent DS brand displayed a 1974 DS 23 on its stand at this year’s Shanghai Motor Show. The sedan was shipped in from Paris to show members of the media and show-goers what the new brand’s heritage looks like.

We don’t know much about this DS’ history but it’s certainly had an interesting life. A “Citroën préfère Total” sticker on the right side of the rear window indicates that it was sold new in France, but an orange sticker on the left side of the windows reveals that it was registered in Spain in 1975. All of this is ancient history, and a smaller sticker on the windshield tells us the DS is now part of Citroën’s private collection on the outskirts of Paris.

5 thoughts on “Live from the Shanghai Motor Show: Citroën DS 23

  1. How ironic! As soon as Peugeot got hold of Citroen they tried their hardest to bury Citroen’s amazing heritage. Where many of us saw great automotive art and radical engineering the Pug family only noted the dodgy margins freaked at the engineering complexity. They wilfully dumbed Citroen down into a semi budget brand a sort of French Skoda, shorn of all innovation – except possibly the steering wheel boss that stayed in the same position when you turned the wheel – like wow… Now they are desperate for a piece of the premium action they think the resuscitation of DS as a stand alone brand is going to fool the Chinese – this is beyond patronising.

    • I was actually thinking: I wonder when the Chinese will realize that DS keeps bringing the same car to shows year after year, and that the company’s heritage is Citroen’s.

  2. To be fair Peugeot saved the Citroen name from oblivion. They then however Peugeot have turned Citroen into a “mini me ” producing budget versions of their own models. Probably a wise move at the time the decision was taken but what could not have been envisaged was the retro design explosion that has proven such a success – Beetle / MINI/ 500 et al.
    Therefore in a desperate attempt to get some heritage and sparkle to develop interest in their range Peugeot increasingly lean on Citroens heritage because Peugeot ( aside from one or two honourable exceptions like the 205 ) cannot shake off the “dull bot worthy ” image of the past.
    Its the DS / 2CV / GS / CX / cold go on here – history of innovative engineering and aesthetically pleasing shapes that PSA need to get back into race if they want to go down the retro classic design route

  3. This was (probably) the same car as the one on the stand at GMS. Stunning beauty and top of the line with factory A/C. What is the point of putting it on the Shanghai Motor show? The Chinese never knew this model and the risk is that the DS 23 is the successor to the DS5.

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