Door Handles

Test your door handle IQ, third edition

Last week’s door handle quiz was pretty well received so we figured we’d run another one this week.

Can you identify the make and model that the following door handles come from? It’s not as impossible as it might sound – we’ve picked door handles that are relatively easy to recognize and we’ve done our best to include a generous amount of sheetmetal in the picture to help you out. As a general rule of thumb, we wouldn’t quiz you on something that we ourselves couldn’t recognize.

Note that there are several right answers for some of these.





3 thoughts on “Test your door handle IQ, third edition

  1. Nice quiz!
    1. Fiat Nuova 500 suicde doors
    2. Something Italian…Alfa?
    3. Renault 16, maybe a later model
    4. Late model DS.

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