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Land Rover’s newly-created Heritage division will provide spare parts for classic models

Speaking at the Techno Classica show in Essen, Germany, Land Rover has announced plans to launch a Heritage division in the coming months. The sub-brand will be nearly identical to sister company Jaguar’s Heritage division, meaning that it will primarily provide parts for Land Rovers that have been out of production for over a decade.

At launch, the Heritage division will provide body, trim and what Land Rover calls extended servicing items for the classic Range Rover, and a number of salvage and extended service parts for the P38 Range as well as the first- and second-gen Discovery models.

Land Rover has not forgotten Series owners, and it promises that one of the Heritage division’s first tasks will be to build up a sizable catalog of Series parts. A number of components that haven’t been available new for decades will be re-created using the original tooling method and the original blueprints as a reference.

Finally, the automaker explains that it will continue to build and sell Defender parts for the next 15 years. After that, production and distribution will be given to the Heritage division.

The company estimates that about 70 percent of the off-roaders it has built since production started in 1948 are still around today, so it understandably has high hopes for its Heritage division.

Land Rover Heritage parts will be available to order through authorized dealers all around the globe. Most parts will come with a warranty in order to give owners peaces of mind.

6 thoughts on “Land Rover’s newly-created Heritage division will provide spare parts for classic models

  1. it is good to know that the company that now owns land rover is interested in the older vehicles and their owners.

      • Britpart get their parts made in China by the cheapest supplier. It results in dreadful inconsistency of quality and in some cases such poor quality that the parts are simply not fit for purpose and/or dangerous. They are infamous in Land Rover circles. If somebody mentions that they received something in a ‘blue box’ it means they bought Britpart and they are going to have to bin the part and order a quality one instead. I have bought many parts from mail order companies and have received britpart instead of Bearmach or All Makes. In about 50% of cases the parts have been great. Sadly the other 50% have been rejected as lethal including brake cylinders that had rusty bores, swarf or even gouges in the bore. I’ve had brake adjusters that sheered off the first time I adjusted them or where the cams were made from very soft metal that wore down within minutes of use. Also had rubber door and window seals that were as stiff as plastic and either could not be fitted or leaked etc, etc, etc.

  2. “How the hell do they stay in business? ”

    I’m not sure. Possibly because most of the really bad parts are quite cheap so people just bin them and buy elsewhere rather than face the hassle of sending them back and complaining?

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