1980s / Japanese / Mazda / Rust in peace

Rust in peace: Maxda RX-7

First-gen Mazda RX-7s are inexplicably common in self-service junkyards. In fact, we probably see more of them in junkyards than we do driving around on a daily basis. Most RX-7s in yards are in rough shape; some have been painted odd colors (we’ll get to that next week), others have had their rotary engine removed and replaced by something else and a few are simply aborted Fast and Furious-style projects.

If you look closely, the RX-7 pictured below stands out from the rest because it was pretty clean before it was wrecked. The car apparently showed up on the lot in September of 2014 and we took the pictures two months later which explains why it’s been largely stripped. Still, it looks like it was largely stock and even the paint is in decent shape. It’s a ten-footer, no doubt, but we’re fairly certain it’s the original paint.

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