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Open mic: What’s the last road trip you’ve taken in your classic car?

Earlier this month, we packed up our 1979 Mercedes-Benz 300D and drove to Switzerland to cover the Geneva Motor Show. The 300D performed admirably, soldiering on through heavy rains on the way there and strong winds on the way back. Overall, we put over 800 miles (more than 1,300 kilometers) on the odometer in a handful of days.

What was the last road trip you’ve taken in your classic car?

11 thoughts on “Open mic: What’s the last road trip you’ve taken in your classic car?

      • Grooves and holes in asphalt, sometimes very aggressive drivers (generally in VAG cars), lack of road culture… The only advantage is the fact that away from busy roads, there is plentiful of lovely country roads through the fields and forests. I enjoy them most of all.

      • They especially hate me for having an old, French car which is in better condition than their 5-10 years old VW, Skoda or Audi… nevertheless it’s 30 years old. It manifests most of all in overtaking me ostentatiously and hitting the brake pedal to the bottom.
        Sad thing is that when I’m going in my car on a long trip, e.g. to the seaside or abroad, people are smiling and waving to me when they see my car. Even drivers don’t mind that I’m rarely driving faster that 120 km/h… just because I’ve got only 48 HP and 4-speed gearbox. Then I realize that Poland is a very wild country 🙂

  1. No recent road trips in the classics as its been winter in England. But. We will take the Ami Super to the World 2CV Meeting in Poland at the end of July (so interested to hear the comments about avoiding main roads in Poland as we haven’t been there before) and we’ve signed up for the coast to coast (Yarmouth to Barmouth) drive in October to celebrate the DS’s 60th

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