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Live from the Geneva Motor Show: Borgward Isabella Coupe

Like we reported last month, Borgward has returned to the Geneva Motor Show after a 54-year hiatus. The company doesn’t have a new model to show – we’ll bring you more about the company’s plans for the future later – but it has announced its return by displaying a stunning Isabella Coupe built in the late 1950s.

Presumably owned by the Borgward family, the Isabella Coupe is powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine. It goes without saying that an Isabella Coupe is a rare car – truth be told we can’t recall ever seeing one – but it would be an even rarer sight if it was fitted with the Chevrolet Bel Air-like tail fins that were available at an extra cost.


3 thoughts on “Live from the Geneva Motor Show: Borgward Isabella Coupe

  1. Some Borgward trivia: When my daughter moved to Mexico City in August 2013 one of the first things she did was email me some photos of a Borgward four door sedan that was parked directly across the street from her apartment. It didn’t look like any Borgward I had ever seen before. Some Wikipedia research revealed that it was a P100. Borgward built the P100 until they stopped building cars in Germany. As part of their bankruptcy they sold all tooling, machinery, etc. to an entrepreneur in Mexico. After a several year delay P100’s started to be built in Mexico in 1967 and continued until 1970. About 2000 were built in Mexico.
    The one my daughter photographed had four flat tires. She never saw anyone with the car. She moved to another neighborhood after a year and the Borgward had never moved. It wasn’t abandoned. Every parking space on the street was assigned to an apartment so if it was abandoned it would have been removed. It was restorable, but I’m sure the cost would far exceed it’s value.

    • Wow, Mexican-built Borgwards are few and far between! I wonder what happened to it, the streets of Mexico City are full of odd, decrepit classics, it’s a fascinating town for car-spotting. Air-cooled VWs are a dime a dozen, too, as you can imagine.

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