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Rust in peace: Saab 99

saab-99-orange-10We stumbled upon the five-door Saab 99 pictured below last November in a self-service junkyard located in Salt Lake City, Utah. This orange Swede had apparently been out on the lot for a while when we took the pictures because it disappeared just a couple of days after our visit.

The 99 looks like it was 100% complete when it was sent off to the junkyard but dead leaves and pine needles between the body panels tell us that it sat outside for the past few years of its life. The body is in rough shape, and the 99 has evidently spent numerous winters driving on northern Utah’s salted roads. To make matters worse, leaky doors seals have taken their toll on the interior. We don’t know what shape the engine is in, though for what it’s worth the odometer showed a little over 56,000 miles (about 90,000 kilometers).

What really surprised us was how complete this 99 was even after being out on the lot for a few weeks. 99s are few and far between and, while we have never personally tried shopping for parts, we imagine model-specific components aren’t exactly easy to find. We certainly wouldn’t want the dashboard or the fuel cap from this car but there were still a lot of usable parts on it when it was earmarked for the crusher.

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