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Open mic: What have you done to your classic car lately?

renault-4-f4-garage-1Proper maintenance is the key to having a reliable classic that you can drive on a daily basis regardless of whether your commute is 10, 50 or 100 miles long. What have you done to your classic lately? What are you planning on doing in the next few weeks?

We’ve been keeping busy in the garage. We finally got around to fitting new front brakes to our 1978 2CV (pictured below), though – as you can tell – we haven’t put the front fenders back on yet. The 2CV is an on-going project that needs fuel delivery work, tires and a new exhaust system before it can pass inspections again.

With the 2CV back on four wheels, we drove it out of the garage and backed in our trusty Renault 4 F4 to install new brakes all around. The 4 is back on the ground as of last weekend and it will be out of the garage as soon as we bleed the brakes. It’ll benefit from a full tune-up (oil, filters, plugs and so forth) before returning to being a daily driver.

The garage won’t stay empty for long because we’re hopefully going to start working on a 1969 Renault 4 (also pictured below) in the next few weeks. That, however, is a different story for a different time.

Finally, our 1979 300D (the car that we use on long trips) recently got a well-deserved new set of tires.

8 thoughts on “Open mic: What have you done to your classic car lately?

  1. opened the garage door to see if the Mini was still there, saw -2C on the thermometer and went back inside. SIgh. Cold here in Toronto, Canada ­čśŽ

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