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Rewind to Frankfurt, Germany, in the early 1960s

We’re traveling back to Frankfurt, Germany, in the early 1960s. The following pictures were taken in the general vicinity of the Frankfurt American High School, which explains the presence of a couple of unexpected American cars.

What car(s) can you identify in the following pictures? What one(s) would you most like to see in your garage?

We’d personally be tempted by the Renault Dauphine in the first picture or any of the Beetles.

Pictures kindly provided by Frank da Cruz.




6 thoughts on “Rewind to Frankfurt, Germany, in the early 1960s

  1. Amazing to see the prevalence of American metal. How did they afford the petrol/gas? In Britain at that time any car over 2 litres was considered big and thirsty. What would Cadillac give for that share of the German market now? – Fat chance.

  2. i will take all the beetles and the ghia.. lools like a mirco car in white on the right side of third photo. if you had not told me where the 1st photo was taken i would have said somewhere in the states by the look of the buildings and parking lots.

  3. Is that a Messerschmidt in the third photo right curbside? I call dibs! Also Black oval widow sliding sunroof bug 1st photo.

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