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Open mic: What are your car-related New Year’s resolution?

Welcome to 2015, folks. We’re guessing you already went through your New Year’s resolution last night but we’re taking a look at the tradition from a different angle: what are your car-related resolutions for 2015?

Like every year, our resolution is to buy more cars. Although we recently barely missed out on an early 1970s Beetle (pictured below), we still have our eyes on a Fiat 850 sedan that’s been parked on the side of a house for years and and we regularly weed through the Italian classifieds in a bid to find one of the last affordable 500s. We’d also like to buy some kind of off-roader, be it a Niva, a Land Rover Series, an early Range Rover or even something offbeat like a Portuguese-built UMM or a Romanian ARO.

Surprisingly, our second resolution is to sell a few cars – we’re not calling it quits, far from it, but we’ll probably be parting with 3-4 cars that we don’t get to enjoy often enough and/or that we will realistically never get around to fixing up. Temporarily thinning the herd will also yield much-needed space and funds.


Our third resolution applies to Ran When Parked. As we enter our eighth year, we’d like to start integrating more videos into the site. We recently bought a real basic GoPro camera that we’ll use to shoot quick films. Early on these movies will probably showcase our own car, just so we can get the hang of how it all works, but we’ll eventually feature other cars – one that immediately comes to mind is an immaculate BMW M5 (e34) that is owned by a good friend.


7 thoughts on “Open mic: What are your car-related New Year’s resolution?

      • Beetles are getting up there, too. It’s amazing, I sold my unrestored and fully stock 1962 Beetle nearly 10 years ago for $2,000 and a rough but running 1973 Bus shortly after for $500. Now they’re worth at least twice that, if not more. Amazing, and kind of depressing at the same time.

  1. I hope to sell my 1958 BMW 600, European bumper, original paint micro car. I then can look to purchase a pre 1974 Porsche 911. Ah the car obsession, sell one to buy one! Thanks John

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