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Looking back: Assorted pictures from 2014

alfa-romeo-giulietta-newspaper-1To end the year, we’ve compiled a gallery of pictures that we took in 2014 and didn’t publish for a number of reasons.

Take the brown Renault 4, for example. It would have been perfect for our Driven Daily series but it was hard to get decent photos of it because it was boxed in on three sides. The yellow Renault 5 was also difficult to photograph and we have no idea what its story is – it’s certainly not driven daily because it’s missing a headlight and the registration is long expired but it evidently moves on at least a semi-regular basis. Finally, Ben from Japanese Nostalgic Car gave us a ride in his awesome Toyota Cressida wagon but we didn’t spend enough time in Los Angeles to get better pictures of it.

You’ll likely notice that there are no pictures of abandoned cars in the following gallery, those get posted to our Barn Finds page and/or they get featured in our Rust in Peace series. Additionally, you might be surprised to see that we’ve included a couple of pictures of new cars. We took these for work and included them here because they’re all cars that stood out and that we personally think will make interesting classics 20 – 30 years from now.

Most of these pictures were taken on the outskirts of Marseille, France, but some were shot in Alps, others in central France, a few in Ireland, a couple in Japan, half a dozen in Switzerland, a couple in Germany and a handful in the United States.

Thanks for reading Ran When Parked, and happy new year.

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