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Classifieds find: Mercedes-Benz 560SL (r107)

mercedes-benz-560sl-r107-1Here’s a phrase you don’t read every day: a beater Mercedes-Benz SL. Even if you’re not a fan of the SL you can’t deny that it’s a colossal waste, it’s like buying an 18-year old bottle of Yamakazi single malt just so you can mix it with Diet Pepsi.

Against all odds we found what is essentially a beater r107 outside of a retirement home on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, Utah. If memory serves the SL has been sitting in the same parking for a long time but the owner recently taped a “FOR SALE” sign to the driver’s side window.

What kind of SL does $2,500 buy? A very rough one, as it turns out. Nearly every single body panel is dented and / or rusted, it’s at least three different shades of beige, one of the headlight bezels is missing and the other one is broken and part of the front bumper is held on with duct tape. The story continues inside with torn seats and a cracked dash.

We were admittedly genuinely tempted by this SL but we didn’t call so we have no idea what shape the drivetrain is in. Regardless, it’s a little odd to find a r107 in this condition. Most are fairly well preserved because they were often used as second or third cars by wealthy families. After all, in 1989 – the last year the r107 was sold in the United States – a 560SL carried a base price of $64,230. That same year a 560SEL cost $72,280, a 190E 2.6 cost $31,590 and a Volkswagen Golf cost less than $10,000.

A couple of the shots you see above are a little blurry and/or out of focus because they’re some of the last pictures we took with our dying Nikon D5100. Fear not, we’ve gotten a new one since.

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