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Rust in peace: Volkswagen Beetle

volkswagen-beetle-pns-12This early 1960s Volkswagen Beetle turned up last month at a self-service junkyard in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was a surprising find – you still occasionally see Super Beetles from the 1970s in junkyards but most 50-year old examples are saved for parts or as projects unless they’re horrifyingly rough. A quick walk around the car revealed that was exactly what we were looking at.

The numerous mechanical components we found inside the passenger compartment and in the trunk suggests that the Beetle was most likely used as a parts car that doubled as a mobile shed. We found more Beetle engine parts such as a pair of heads in the blue 1948 Plymouth Special DeLuxe next to it and it’s not too far-fetched to assume that the cars were junked by the same person, especially since both are in the same state of disrepair.

A good chunk of the Beetle’s passenger-side floor is missing and we’re fairly confident it’s due to rust, not someone cutting it out for another project. The body has been chewed through by rust in a number of places and the only thing left inside is a set front seats that look like they come from a later Beetle. The engine and the transmission are both intact but we’re willing to bet the flat-four is toast because the carburetor has been removed and the intake hasn’t been covered, leaving it exposed to water, snow and all sorts of miscellaneous debris. A look in the back of the engine compartment shows this Beetle rolled off the assembly line painted in a gorgeous shade of Seafoam Green.

We know Volkswagen enthusiasts will chime in and say that they’ve seen worse – so have we – and we realize that there are still a few salvageable parts left on it but, overall, this earns the honor of being the most decrepit Beetle we’ve seen in a junkyard in the past couple of years.

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